Medium compact cars for rent in Sofia, Borovo, Bulgaria

Medium compact cars


Class C, compact, consists of medium compact cars for 5 people with medium-sized luggage. They are suitable for both urban and long trips in Bulgaria. Many of our clients regularly use them for international trips due to the fairly reasonable rental price and the economical engines that these cars are equipped with. These are usually about 100 horsepower sedan or hatchback.

In this category we offer Opel Astra, Fiat Tipo, Renault Megan, Toyota Auris, Proton Persona and similar with manual and automatic gearboxes. This is one of the most commonly used categories of cars because of their versatility and very often the quantity in it is exhausting quickly, especially during the summer season.

These are very practical cars, and the new models we work with are quite spacious and have plenty of room for the driver and other passengers in the car.

The luggage compartment is also large enough to accommodate everything you need for your trip.

This in fact turns out to be one of the most preferred car rental categories.