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Valeria Car Rentals - Bulgaria

Dear clients, In our car rental company we created a special category of cars that are seven years and older but in good condition and all major aggregates work flawlessly. We have only selected vehicles from our fleet to this category and the rest are for sale after passing the summer tourist season. The purpose of this category, which we named class "0 " is for customers with low budget, who do not have big claims to cars, but trust us for their impeccable service and maintenance.

All cars are equipped with a jack, wrench, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, triangle, reflective vest, good condition / most frequently new / tires seasonally, windscreen wash fluid, annual vignette sticker / decal / liability insurance of seats in the car, 24/7 auto assistance for Bulgaria, reinsurance for Rent a car / car rental / paid annual tribute and others.

For most of our clients these cars are new and nice, but due to their age, you understand that we cannot give 100% guarantee for them.

All the conditions that apply to other vehicles also apply to them with a few minor exceptions:

1. Every client who wishes to hire a car in this category must first agree to the Terms of Category 0.

2.NO quick exchange of the car as a result of failure or accident - it is necessary to use the road assistance service and other travel assistance, to establish what actually is the fault of the car and how it can quickly be fixed , to wait for its fixing leisurely and then continue driving. Regardless of your travel plans at these low rental prices, the car can be replaced only if the resulting defect is not your fault and it cannot be removed for up to 48 hours. If you want to quickly exchange the car, despite these conditions, you will need to pay the cost of replacement / fuel fee to the driver, travel tickets or other if needed and rent for replacement car according to its category ./ Cars in category "0" are limited in their class and some of them available only one car in the subcategory.

3.Both additional insurances for theft and damage / Casco / in Category 0 is also paid separately as all other categories .

4. All additional fees or services that you need are according to the tariff of Valeria Car Rentals RENT A CAR valid for all categories of normal cars.